Akfa Medline University Hospial


AKFA Medline is the largest private multidisciplinary medical center in Central Asia with modern equipment for diagnosis, treatment and complex cardiac surgery, neurosurgical, orthopedic operations with the participation of highly qualified medical personnel.

In 2017, it was decided to build the most modern clinic not only in the Republic of Uzbekistan, but throughout Central Asia.

Joint work with foreign specialists and knowledge gained during trips to leading countries in the field of medicine made it possible to create a progressive medical center and equip it with the latest equipment manufactured in Europe, the USA, Belgium, China and Russia.

AKFA MEDLINE — одно из лидирующих частных лечебных учреждений Узбекистана по количеству пациентов. Каждый год здесь получают медицинскую помощь порядка 100 000 человек из разных стран.

International recognition by JCI

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General Director of AKFA Medline

Tursunkulov Azimjon Nazirzhonovich

Our dear patients,

I would like to address you on behalf of the entire AKFA Medline University Hospital (AMUH) team. We are proud that you have chosen us for your medical care, and we always strive to provide you with the best level of care for your health.

It is important to emphasize that your well-being and health are our top priority. We are working to provide you with quality medical services, modern equipment and professional medical staff who are always ready to help you.

AKFA Medline University Hospital (AMUH) is committed to continuous improvement and development. We listen carefully to your feedback and suggestions, and they help us improve our services.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, concerns or requests. Your feedback is very important to us. We are ready to collaborate with you and work to ensure that your medical needs are fully met.


AKFA Medline clinic meets all international quality standards and is accredited by the international certification company Joint Commission International (JCI).

We passed the first accreditation in 2020 and became the only holders of the GOLD QUALITY SIGN in Uzbekistan

Accreditation was confirmed in 2023. This indicates that the highest level of medical services is provided here, and doctors use modern methods of therapy and diagnostics according to international protocols.

During surgical interventions, doctors and specialists of AKFA MEDLINE adhere to the principles of minimal risks and act in accordance with European standards.


Mission of Akfa Medline University Hospital

AKFA MEDLINE is a modern multidisciplinary medical center based on high medical technologies, professionalism, quality and safety. Our main task is to preserve, restore and increase the health of the country’s population and foreign citizens.


Improving the quality of life of the population, instilling a culture of a healthy lifestyle, through the provision of highly qualified medical care, due to 3 key aspects:

Wide range of medical services: from simple examinations to complex operations
Patient-centeredness as the main principle of organizing the process of providing medical care
Development of innovation and science


  • Patients – providing medical services based on high professionalism and respect for the dignity of each patient, ensuring quality, safety and convenience for patients and visitors.
  • Professionalism of employees – continuous professional development of medical personnel
    Security – organization of work processes taking into account all risks

Main principles

  • Willingness to help every patient
  • Professional development of employees
  • Striving for better results in everything
  • Honesty and sincerity in deeds and actions
  • Maintaining the ideal quality of services provided

5 reasons to trust your health to Akfa Medline specialists

  1. The professionalism of the staff is world class. AKFA Medline specialists have extensive experience and knowledge, regularly improve their qualifications at foreign medical institutions and provide treatment in accordance with international protocols.
  2. Well-coordinated centralized system. The division of the clinic into centers and excellent infrastructure save patients’ precious time, allowing diagnosis, treatment and surgical interventions to be carried out in one place.
    Modern technical equipment. During surgical operations, doctors use modern technology and instruments for minimal intervention. This type of surgery is low-traumatic, almost completely eliminates complications, and patients recover much faster.
  3. LUX class comfort. AKFA Medline patients receive the highest level of comfort when visiting the clinic. Specially trained staff does everything possible to ensure that the patient sees a specialist at the most convenient time and undergoes the necessary examination in one visit.
  4. Quality exceeds cost. The clinic provides international class services, the cost of which is much lower than in foreign clinics.

Team of professionals

The medical center employs over 147 qualified specialists, most of whom are doctors and candidates of medical sciences with extensive professional experience in leading clinics in the USA, Korea and Europe, including invited certified doctors who came to us from other countries.

The clinic exercises full control over the quality of service and its effectiveness according to all international standards. The result is a streamlined scheme of collaboration between specialists from different departments and thousands of satisfied patients from all over the world.

Work hours

Akfa Medline University Hospital

Multidisciplinary University Clinic


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On duty: ultrasound, therapist, surgeon, ENT

17:00 - 20:00

laboratory, radiology, call center