Orthopedics and traumatology

Akfa Medline University Hospital

Orthopedics and traumatology

Components of success: treatment of the musculoskeletal system at AKFA Medline University Hospital

At the AKFA Medline Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, we offer a wide range of services for the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Our highly qualified specialists:

Head of the department: Ph.D. Babakulov A.Sh. and his team are actively engaged in scientific activities, publishing articles in leading journals and attending international conferences.
Provide conservative and surgical treatment to patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, including:

Dressing clean wounds
Intra-articular injections
PRP therapy
Removal of cysts under ultrasound control
Washing the joints
Development of joints after operations
Total hip and knee replacement
Unicondylar knee replacement
Arthroscopic surgeries of large joints
Arthroscopic reconstruction of the anterior, posterior and collateral ligaments
Osteosynthesis of long bones
Corrective osteotomies of all bones and joints
Surgical interventions on the hand and foot
Introduction of stem cells into large joints, with ruptures of muscles and ligaments

They collaborate with leading foreign specialists from Germany, Russia and Turkey, who provide consultations and unique operations in the department:

Professor Thorsten Club (Germany) – any types of unique surgical interventions in adults
Ph.D. Akhpashev Alexander Anatolyevich (Russia) – arthroscopic surgical interventions in the shoulder joint
Professor Taner Bekmezci (Türkiye) – all types of orthopedic surgical interventions in adults

  • They offer rehabilitation of patients in the early postoperative period in a hospital.
  • They provide the opportunity for joint consultation with doctors from other areas of medicine for an integrated approach to treatment.
  • All types of studies necessary for a correct diagnosis are carried out.

At the AKFA Medline Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics, we do everything possible to help our patients regain health and joy of movement.