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International department

AKFA Medline University Clinic is one of the largest and most honored institutions in Uzbekistan. The reputation of the clinic attracts patients from all over the world. Our clinic has an international department with a full range of services and the task of serving foreign patients.

The coordinator of the international department will help you during your stay in our clinic and take care of your comfortable stay, which will help you complete all examinations on time. The experienced staff of the international department will coordinate you according to the schedule of doctors’ appointments, transfers, accommodation, translation services, assistance in treatment matters and also in financial transactions.

Administrators and coordinators of the international department of the AKFA Medline University Hospital will develop and provide personalized programs and services for patients and their families. The International Department is a single point of contact between our international clients and the staff of our clinics, which simplifies the process of requesting, as well as visiting our clinic. We will also arrange transfer for you for your convenience upon your request.

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