Akfa Medline

Department of Urology

Highly qualified AKFA Medline specialists with international experience in medical practice perform unique operations, as well as diagnose and treat all urological diseases of varying severity in children and adults, including treatment of urological problems that are not treated by doctors in other clinics.

In our center, surgical interventions are carried out mainly using modern equipment, gentle, organ-preserving techniques: laparoscopic and endoscopic.

Pediatric urology deserves special attention. Our experienced doctors perform endoscopic laser removal of kidney stones in children of all ages.

The operating unit of the urology center is equipped with the latest equipment from European manufacturers: helium laser, Flexible ureteroscope, latest generation C-arm, and a purified air supply system, which guarantees the complete absence of bacteria and viruses in the operation area.


Our department diagnoses and treats urological diseases such as:

  • urinary tract infection;
  • urolithiasis disease;
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • tumors of the upper and lower urinary tract;
  • male infertility;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • overactive bladder;
  • varicocele
  • hydrocele;
  • vesicovaginal fistula, ureterovaginal fistula;
  • developmental anomalies of the urinary tract;
  • stricture of the ureteropelvic segment;
  • urethral stricture;
  • stricture of the lower third of the ureter;
  • ureterocele;
  • vesicoureteral reflux;
  • cryptorchidism;
  • hypospadias

Unique operations/procedures:

  • penile prosthetics (penile prosthetics)

  • implantation of semi-rigid penile prostheses;

  • denervation of the penis due to premature ejaculation;

  • laparoscopic partial nephrectomy;

  • laparoscopic radical prostatectomy;

  • laparoscopic radical prostatectomy with lymphadenectomy;

  • laparoscopic pyeloplasty;

  • laparoscopic renal cystectomy;

  • laparoscopic adrenalectomy;

  • laparoscopic ureterolysis;

  • laparoscopic radical cystoprostatectomy with the formation of an intestinal reservoir according to Bricker.