Adult cardiac surgery

Akfa Medline University Hospital

Department of Adult Cardiac Surgery

Saving Hearts: Department of Adult Cardiac Surgery AKFA Medline

Highly qualified specialists from the Department of Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology make every effort to help the patient cope with a serious illness in the most effective way.

At the AKFA Medline Adult Cardiac Surgery Department, we give people a second heart.

Our team of experienced specialists:

Will make an accurate diagnosis of your disease.
He will develop an individual treatment plan, taking into account all the features of your case.
Performs the most complex operations on the heart and blood vessels using the latest technologies and methods.
Will provide you with a comfortable stay in the hospital and care after surgery.
Will help you recover and return to a full life.

We treat:

Coronary heart disease (CHD), including complicated forms.
Congenital and acquired heart defects.
Atherosclerosis of the brachiocephalic arteries.
Infectious endocarditis.
Heart aneurysm.
Intracardiac thrombi.
Heart tumors.
Heart failure.
And much more.

We perform:

Coronary bypass surgery on a beating heart.
Prosthetics and plastic surgery of heart valves.
Surgeries on the aorta.
Operations for cardiac aneurysms.
Operations on great vessels.
And other complex operations.

Our advantages:

Unique operations: we perform operations that are not performed in other clinics in Uzbekistan.
Experienced surgeons: Our specialists have extensive experience working in leading clinics around the world.
State-of-the-art equipment: We use the latest equipment and technology to perform operations with maximum precision and safety.
Individual approach: we select a treatment plan taking into account the individual characteristics of each patient.
Integrated approach: we not only perform operations, but also help patients recover after treatment.
Rehabilitation options: We offer patients rehabilitation programs that will help them return to a full life.

Don’t be afraid for your heart!
Entrust it to the professionals of AKFA Medline University Hospital!