Akfa Medline University Hospital


The AKFA Medline Cardiac Surgery Center is equipped with high-tech equipment that meets all international standards. In particular, in anesthesiology, BIS monitoring is used to determine the level of anesthesia during medicated sleep. There is also an MSCT tomograph for 3D visualization of the heart.

The center performs various types of surgical interventions, both open and minimally invasive, for patients with congenital heart defects, acquired heart defects, and also performs all types of endovascular operations.

It is also worth highlighting that after heart surgery on children, parents may be in the intensive care unit with the child immediately after extubation.

Highly qualified AKFA Medline specialists with international experience in medical practice and invited specialists perform unique operations, as well as diagnose and treat heart diseases and defects of varying severity.

Our cardiovascular surgeon from Moscow, head of the department of the cardiac surgery center, Alisher Almardonovich Melikulov, specializes in the following cardiac surgeries on the beating heart: