Intensive care unit

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Intensive care unit

The intensive care unit of the clinic is located on the 2nd floor and has 10 beds and 4 intensive care rooms, equipped with the most modern medical equipment.

The department is intended for 24-hour emergency medical care, which consists of carrying out emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation measures, including artificial ventilation, as well as for intensive care of patients admitted for inpatient treatment.

The equipment of the department provides the ability to provide continuous care for patients and monitor their condition.

In the intensive care unit of our center, we monitor patients after the end of the operation and before transfer to the hospital. Upon completion of the surgical intervention, our anesthesiologists-resuscitators make sure that the patient is fully awake after anesthesia, measure blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and if nothing bothers him, then the issue of transfer to a hospital is decided.

To monitor the work of the heart, our intensive care unit uses a cardiac monitor – a device that, in a given mode, records a cardiogram, measures blood pressure and pulse.

Each team member not only accurately and painlessly performs all the procedures prescribed for the patient, but also has the skills to properly care for seriously ill patients using the entire arsenal of modern means.

Intensive care equipment

  • Bedside monitor (invasive and non-invasive method for measuring A/D and pulse readings, ECG, oxygen saturation and CO2 readings)
  • Artificial ventilation for adults and children (from 3 kg and above)
  • Portable ventilator, ultrasound machine, ECG, X-ray machine with online mode (OSMOS system)
  • Multifunctional bed for adults and children
  • Сrash-cart gurney
  • Express laboratory
  • Hemodialysis machine “Fresenius” 4008 S (for emergency detoxification)