General oncology

Akfa Medline

Department of General Oncology

In the General Oncology Department of AKFA Medline you will be provided with highly qualified assistance at all stages of cancer treatment.

The percentage of complete recovery and preservation of all the main functions of the affected organ in cancer detected at an early stage at the AKFA Medline clinic is one of the highest in the country.

Our experienced specialists:

They will carry out surgical treatment of any complexity.
An individual regimen of chemotherapy, immunotherapy or targeted therapy will be developed.
They will select effective treatment for complications that arise after chemotherapy and surgery.
They will conduct preventive examinations and screening for early detection of cancer.
Provide palliative and symptomatic care.

We perform:

All types of biopsies.
Surgical treatment of cancer of the breast, skin, liver, stomach, pancreas, intestines, gynecological organs.
Cytoreductive operations with chemotherapy of the abdominal cavity.
Pelvic exenteration.
Liver resection.
And many other operations.

Our advantages:

Unique operations: Whipple operation, cytoreductive operations, pelvic exenteration, liver resection.
Consultations with leading foreign experts.
Molecular consultation and tumor board before prescribing chemotherapy and surgery.
Individual approach to each patient.
Modern equipment and technologies.
Comfortable conditions for a hospital stay.
Psychological support.

Don’t be afraid of cancer!